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Image 5 Title

??ng k tham quan
Vui lng nh?p tn
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Email khng h?p l?
Vui lng nh?p s? l??ng ng??i tham gia
Vui lng ch?n ngy
Vui lng nh?p s? ?i?n tho?i.
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  • XML Parsing Error at 1:544. Error 9: Invalid character

T? ngy 20/3/2017 ??n ngy 15/5/2017, Ban t? ch?c cu?c thi ?nh Bnh ??ng gi?i trong gia ?nh qua ?ng knh ? nh?n ???c 200 ?nh d? thi c?a 30 tc gi?. Ngy 15/5/2017, Ban T? ch?c cu?c thi ? h?p, ?nh gi tnh hnh v th?ng nh?t ki?n nh? sau:

1/. Do cng tc chuyn mn c?a B?o tng ph? n? Nam B? c nhi?u ch??ng trnh ho?t ??ng nhn ngy Qu?c t? B?o tng 18/5, Ban t? ch?c cu?c thi ?nh quy?t ??nh gia h?n thm th?i gian nh?n ?nh d? thi ??n ngy 31/5/2017 thay v ngy 15/5/2017 theo nh? k? ho?ch v ti?p t?c nh?n ?nh d? thi.

2/. Ban Gim kh?o ch?m ?i?m vng lo?i, d? ki?n t? ngy 12/6/2017; ch?m vng 2 vo ngy 27/6/2017. Nh?ng tc ph?m vo vng 2, nh?ng tc ph?m ??t gi?i, Ban t? ch?c s? thng bo tr?c ti?p ??n tc gi? v thng tin trn trang thng tin ?i?n t? c?a B?o tng.

3/. D? ki?n l? t?ng k?t v trao gi?i ???c t? ch?c vo ngy 7/7/2017 Ban T? ch?c cu?c thi ?nh Bnh ??ng gi?i trong gia ?nh qua ?ng knh trn tr?ng thng bo v knh mong ti?p t?c nh?n ???c ?nh tham d? cu?c thi c?a cc nhi?p ?nh gia chuyn nghi?p v khng chuyn.

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